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nintendo shared the list of the most popular games on the switch in the usa in march 2019

Nintendo shared the list of the most popular games on the Switch in the USA in March 2019

As one would expect, the first place in the list of the most downloaded games is occupied by the royal battle from Epic Games, Fortnite. In second place is a mega-crossover, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Leaderboard closes Final Fantasy VII. Hopefully, such a recent popularity will convince Square Enix to speed up the development of […]

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Gearbox shared some technical features of Borderlands reissue

One of the producers of the studio Gearbox, Patrick Fenn, on your twitter answered questions from Borderlands fans. So, one of the fans asked about the availability of the ability to customize the field of view in the version of Borderalnds Game of the Year Edition for PC. Fenn replied that this parameter will be […]

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Todd Howard shared his plans to support Fallout 76 for the current year.

It's no secret that Fallout 76 is a black sheep in the legendary family of role-playing games about survival in post-nuclear America. At the time of release, the game had a lot of technical problems – you can read about them in our review – which resulted in low marks from critics and players, as […]

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Epic Games shared their game store development roadmap.

This year, the Epic Game Store will have many functions, but they will not be either unique or revolutionary, but rather they will turn the game kiosk into a convenience store, maybe even a supermarket. Epic Games plans are available here. So, in the next three months, users will be available to cloud storage, updated […]

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Microsoft shared some technical details of Project xCloud

Yesterday, Google announced its new and extremely ambitious project – the gaming cloud service Stadia. However, Google is not the only company developing a cloud platform. We have already written in detail about NVIDIA's GeForce Now. You can also remember the inaccessible in Russia Playstation Now. But Microsoft does not lag behind competitors. The open […]

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